Thursday, January 22, 2009

Plexi is the new resin

Cherry blossom stacked plexiglass pendant

So, I'm really excited about the new plexiglass projects I have been working on. I'm getting new ideas fast and furious. I just love that it is similar to resin in look and feel, but there are a whole different set of options opened up. It can never replace the resin, unfortunately, because resin has its own set of options that I cannot live without.

For now, however, (considering that I am pregnant and all) it's probably a better idea to steer away from the toxic-ness of the resin and move towards the kinder, gentler plexiglass. And boy am I having a blast.

These little beauties came during a gab session with my sister. We've decided that we have a better time working together than individually, so are planning a weekly work session. She finished a beautiful woven scarf and I started these:

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