Saturday, January 3, 2009

The January Blahs (already)

I think this is an all-time record for the January blahs. I think it's a little bit weather (cold), a touch of the hormones of being pregnant, a smidge of the let-down of the holiday bustle and a pinch of my home situation. We can't get to all of these in one post (and definitely wouldn't want to!).

My computer is on the fritz and won't let me edit photos...which makes it difficult to do much work on promoting my website. So, I've been laying on the couch with my pregnant belly and my 17-month old...thinking of where my future artistic endeavors will take me. I'm finding the whole jewelry market is a bit saturated and unfullfilling. Luckily, I always have ideas on the back's just deciding where to go from here. Should I continue with the resin beads, but sell them as components? Should I stick with the resin, but ditch the jewelry and create some wall art and other home decor? Should I ditch the resin and the jewelry all-together and move in a different direction? Or should I stick with it and see if I can move further? Unfortunately, I'm always itching to do something I never know if these are my instincts or just me being restless.

Most likely, I'll just be staying where I am and doing what I can...considering my life is about to change considerably. New baby, new home, new job (hopefully) and less time to sit on the couch and think.

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