Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Connor's First Snow Outing!

Well, we finally got Connor out for his first snow experience. It's amazing that it's already January (almost February!!!) and it took this long. We've had snow on the ground since October. But, Connor has either been sick or it's been WAAYYY too cold out to play.

Can't say that he really enjoyed it. He doesn't like getting things on his hands and I guess snow is included in this list. He enjoyed his little ride with daddy, at least. At least, that is, until Daddy pulled a little too hard and Connor fell out of the sled. I think we were outside for a maximum of 7 minutes. (and it probably took double that to get him bundled up!) Oh, well....there's always next year!

1 comment:

Lo Christine said...

too cute! too bad he doesn't like the cold so much:)